Welshly Arms

Sessions Notes

The past few years have seen Welshly Arms transform from the garage project of Sam Getz into a cohesive onslaught of soul and rock n roll. Favorites of The Rock Boat community, we've watched this band grow, championed the passion and spirit they bring to the stage, and supported them every step of the way. Performing selections from their forthcoming debut album, No Place Is Home, enjoy their grit-meets-gloss sounds at a maximum volume with your hands in the air ...and don't stop yourself when you start singing along!


December 1, 2017


Cleveland, OH

Track Listing

  1. "Bad Blood"
  2. "Who We Are"
  3. "Legendary"

Band Members

Sam Getz - vocals, guitar
Jimmy Weaver - bass, vocals
Brett Lindemann - keyboard, vocals
Mikey Gould - drums
Bri Bryant - vocals
Jon Bryant - vocals

What we're doing here ain't just scary ... It's about to be legendary