Sixthman Sessions at Sea 2019 - The Rock Boat XIX

Sixthman Sessions at Sea 2019 - The Rock Boat XIX

Sessions Notes

What happens when you invite a handful of The Rock Boat XIX festival artists onboard a wrestling-themed cruise and ask them to write some songs? You get this compilation of tunes! We set up a temporary studio aboard a Sixthman event in the fall of 2018, and tasked 7 artists with writing and recording music over the course of 4 days. 

Produced, mixed and mastered by Brian Fechino · " i-scream" 

Executive Producers
Chardy McEwan · "Charmageddon"
Jen Wedeick · "The Creatiator" ·


October 27, 2018

Band Members

Artists (and their wrestling name): 
Andrew Leahey · "Slay-Me Leahey"
Aslyn · "Az the Taz"
Clee Laster of Simplified · "Janky La Rue"
Hannah Wicklund · "Hannimal"
Jett "The Threat" Beres of Sister Hazel
Nick and Tyler Talbott · "The Tal-bots" 

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