Sixthman Sessions at Sea 2016 - Onboard Pre-show Reel - The Rock Boat XVI

Sessions Notes

This was the reel shown before the 2016 Sixthman Sessions live concert on board The Rock Boat XVI on 1/27/16 revealing the amazing songwriting process while sailing on Norwegian Pearl for 4 days from 1/11-1/15/2016. 


January 27, 2016


Mother Ocean

Band Members

Aric Chase Damm (The Brevet)
Sam Getz (Welshly Arms)
Brandon Kinder (The Rocketboys)
Paul McDonald
Leslie Rodriguez (Humming House)
Andy Suzuki & Kozza Babumba (Andy Suzuki & The Method)
Students from re:imagine/ATL on “Go"

Sessions recorded and produced by Brian Fechino